Week 4: The Petty Dispute

Apr 03, 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome to week four of my senior project. One of the greatest receivers to play in the NFL is Antonio Brown. He is indisputably one of the most elusive route-running receivers to ever play the game. But, he has had some off-the-field shenanigans, to say the least. Seriously, a four-year-old has a bigger sense of maturity than this player.

One of his most childish disputes was interesting, which is an understatement. He said he didn’t want to play anymore not because he wanted to be traded to another team, or not because he wasn’t getting paid enough. The sole reason was that he wanted to use his old helmet. Think about it, this athlete who is making millions of dollars a year from his contract and sponsorships wants to stop playing because he still wants to use his old helmet.

In 2014 many receivers were using the Schutt helmet, but after a few years, Antonio Brown was the only one left who was still using that same version of the helmet. The NFL took note of this and decided it was time to move on to a different version and a more recent version. Brown wasn’t a fan of this idea, he wanted to utilize the same helmet that he was using since 2009. The NOCSAE is a non-profit organization that ensures that all safety equipment used by the NFL is in great condition and also ensures that the equipment withholds the standards. One of the regulations they have is that a helmet can’t be 10 or years old from the making of its date. This is the reason why the NFL couldn’t let Antonio Brown use the helmet he wanted. Antonio Brown’s old helmet wasn’t unsafe, it was just outdated.

I took this week’s blog post to discuss this dispute because it has great importance to the issues I am going to discuss in the following weeks. The NFL tests out 25 different brands and models of helmets and has to ensure to all the players that the one they chose is the safest. I am going to be discussing how the model works and what scale declares which helmet can be safe. I am also going to be evaluating which helmets are safe and which helmets aren’t safe. One of my main goals for this project is to determine which materials make up the strongest helmets. Studying the composition of these helmets will help me determine which materials should be in a protective helmet. Next week will definitely be a busy week for me. There will be lots of information and new findings in next week’s blog. Stay tuned!


3 Replies to “Week 4: The Petty Dispute”

  1. Karan M. says:

    That’s a really interesting exception that the league made for AB! I love to hear more about how the design of his helmet was superior to league issued one. Great work!

  2. Jordan C. says:

    I never thought about the age of safety gear being taken into account for its overall rating.

  3. Eric M. says:

    Great lead-in to the next weeks! I think it’s a really interesting story you’ve told, and I look forward to the analyses on helmet design/compositions!

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