Week 4: The Start Of a Long, Arduous Process…

Apr 05, 2021

Hello everybody!

This week I continued to research both Zion Baptist Church and began to start filming key locations and continuing to write my script. There is not too much to update on other than it has been a little difficult to continue working from home while having to navigate most of it on your own.

But I guess that is the trials of becoming an adult!

Hopefully I will have more to update you all on next week and will see you later!


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  1. EPittman says:

    Hi, again, Annie. It *is* tough to navigate this process from home. Think about how you might organize your work so that you tackle pieces or components at a time. Reach out with any questions or when you encounter an obstacle.

    (I just left a longer comment on your previous blog post, too. Just an FYI. I’m not sure how/whether the site alerts you to comments.)

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