Week 5 Shenanigans

Apr 09, 2021

Hey y’all,

This week was relatively uneventful. We proceeded to bake the designs we had in an oven to solidify the silver coating. Afterwards, we used a voltmeter to ensure that throughout the entire process we didn’t damage the device in any spots. We didn’t, so that’s good. Also, we proceeded to look into ways to protect the circuit from outside damage. Since we want it to be biocompatible, we need to make sure that sticking it into an animal won’t break anything. As such, we coated certain parts of our bioreceptor in parafilm, and baked it again to ensure it stuck. It’s essentially laminating it while also making an insulating casing.

Outside of purely lab work, we’re also looking to print a casing for the device to further protect it. We roughly sketched some designs that could be 3D printed, and also took measurements of the device as a whole to ensure that it would fit everything. We haven’t printed anything yet, but so far our plan is to make a simple box to house it. Once we actually make and test it, it may need revisions, however.

I don’t have pictures this week, I was too distracted to remember to do so. But at the same time, this is where things get more confidential, so I can only discuss processes anyhow. I’ll answer questions best I can!

See y’all next week!

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