Week 6: Product and Reflection

Apr 16, 2021

What’s popping y’all?! Welcome back to my blog. In this week I’m going to reflect on my findings and results up to this point.

Last week I talked about grids used to represent genetic information within a population. Now we finally have some output by the program that can visually better illustrate that point: in the following graph generated by the pyplot.pcolor() function, the grids represent a 20×20 field with each box representing a clonal plant. The color in each box represent that plant’s genotype. This graph is representing the initial genotype of the plants, you can see they are distributed randomly.

If we want to simulate a small subset of data from the field, I wrote a code to randomly chose 20% of the rows and and 20% of the columns and return their intersection points, which will be plotted into the following 4×4 sampled grid, representing 4% of total “population”, thus much easier to work with.

After various generations of reproduction as shown in the my week 3 blog, the genotype information at each location will change, as their original residents might die out and the offspring of nearby prosperous plants occupy their box. If clonal reproduction made up a large proportion of overall reproduction, then there will be visible massive chunks of boxes grouped together with same color showing the spread of the clonal genotype. Unfortunately, I am unable to show that graph since there are many bugs in the program and it won’t output the desired output, in fact, it won’t output anything! Looks like that would be my work next week: to debug the program even more in order to let the outputted grid, well, be outputted!

Other than that, I started to write my final research paper, which has this following quote:

” As a beginner programmer, it is shocking to me how much complexity goes into simulating genetic concepts. … Many of the computational power is wasted in reformatting data in order to pass them into the next step. …”

Well, that reflects my feeling, but still, interpreting between different languages in an important part of programing, I will need to keep working!!!

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  1. Leo L. says:

    Hi Jiaming, your post is great! I have also used the coding library matplotlib.pyplot before, and I really love how you use it! Can’t wait to see and read your final paper!

  2. Dora X. says:

    Wow, your plots look really cool and seem pretty useful to analyze different plant genotypes. Keep up the good work!

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