Week 6 Shenanigans

Apr 16, 2021

Hey y’all,

This week we’re just continuing to work through our designs. I’m currently at the lab writing this(since we’re waiting on a graduate student to come), and we just did some tests on passivating the strips. Passivating is the word I couldn’t remember last week, but it’s that process I described as laminating to insulate our circuitry. More particularly, passivating is the process of making something less influenced by its environment. It’s important because we don’t want our stuff to be impacted in any way by the insides of the pig(or rat, whichever we end up using to test it).

We had to redo it today because the process failed previously in the week. To clarify, our passivating process was to layer a thin film over it and then heat it in the oven to make it stick. But what ended up happening was that the film began to fold over on itself and didn’t end up passivating the entire area we wanted it to. So, we conducted a quick experiment to see if using a larger piece of film, anticipating that it would fold over on itself, would result in passivation of the area we wanted. We removed the film to redo it, so we ended up breaking one of our creations. So while it was baking we printed a new one.

Amazingly enough, when we went to check on our retry, it was worse than before. Not only did it fold, but it also started peeling. It ripped up our circuit too. Just for fun I analyzed the resistance of the destroyed circuit, and it had increased from 200Ω to 40,000Ω. In other words, it’s a really bad conductor now. But at least we made a replacement.

More fun stuff next week!

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