Week Six: Experiment Preparation

Apr 18, 2021

The exciting part begins! This week I have been finalizing my ideas for my art therapy experiment and lesson plan. using surveys and mandalas. I finalized the design for the worksheet packet with the survey and the mandalas. There will be two varieties of mandalas in the packets. One is a full mandala that I will ask the students to color in while the other mandala a quarter of the mandala. I am giving them the blank space for artistic creativity. I will hand out the mandalas randomly, so half the class will get the quarter mandala while the other half gets the full mandala. The packet will include the survey, either a quarter or full mandala, and then the survey again.

Experiment Packet

The survey asks the students to record their age, grade, and the number that correlates to their emotion. The thermometer has five points, one being happy and satisfied to five being angry. Does the mandala look familiar? I used the mandala that was from the study in Reducing Negative Mood Through Mandala Creation:
A Randomized Controlled Trial by Babouchkina and Robbins for the packets. I decided to use this one because it has scientific research backing its mood enhancement capabilities. Below I show each various part of the packet.

Art Therapy Survey

Quarter Mandala

Whole Mandala

Besides preparing the packet, I also coordinated with the teachers for each of the grades to discuss coming into the classes. Unfortunately fifth grade is home this week to prevent the spread of Covid. Fortunately, I am able to continue with my original plan of experimenting with the fourth graders as Ms. Tozzi is allowing me to use her Mandarin class time to conduct my experiment. I am looking forward to working with the children and observing their creativity! See you next week.

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  1. Karan M. says:

    I look forward to hearing more about your research! Really neat stuff!

    1. Maria T. says:

      Thanks Karan!

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