Week 6: First Drafts and Further Regressions

Apr 19, 2021

Hi everyone,

I don’t have as much to report from this last week since, on the independent project front, I have been working on the first draft of my final paper, starting with the section on consumption smoothing. This week, I will work on the sections concerning payday frequency and alternative methods to addressing the issues brought about by imperfect consumption smoothing. I hope to summarize these findings in my next post.

For my internship, I’ve begun working on a presentation for some of my early findings that I will hopefully share with the department later on. In the process, I have had to figure out which of my findings are statistically significant, as well as whether there are any associated variables that could be responsible for the trends in the data other than the specific variables that I have been looking at. In doing so, I have been running some more advanced regressions and analyzing various p values and confidence intervals.


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  1. Sean P. says:

    Adi, this is so exciting! Your research is very interdisciplinary as I can tell combining elements of economics and statistics. And you already seem to be on TOP of it … I need to start writing my final paper too. Keep up the good work! I remember a lot of the terms you mentioned from stats but I look forward to seeing what you do with it to answer your research question. Good luck!

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