Week 5+6

Apr 20, 2021

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Hope you guys missed me! After finally fixing all the technical issues I had, everything is going much more smoothly, but also slowly. STATA is a hard program to learn and especially for someone who does not have a lot of background in the computer science field (AKA me). While struggling through this, I also continued to progress with my research.

My advisor, Mr. Feng, introduced me to an organization called Opportunity Insight (https://opportunityinsights.org/), which “is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization located at Harvard University that seeks to translate insights from rigorous, scientific research to policy change by harnessing the power of ‘big data’ using an interdisciplinary approach.” The organization created an economic tracker (https://tracktherecovery.org/) to see the effects of COVID on different aspects of the economy through different lenses, and I found that very helpful for my research. If you are also interested in this subject area I would recommend checking it out!


Outside of the independent work, I also attended a webinar that walked us through how to access and use the research server of the Bureau hosted by my internship site. There are many other webinars that cover a wide range of topics from database training to the impacts of COVID-19 on markets. I hope I can attend more of them in the future and utilize these to my advantage.

Hopefully, I can bring some more interesting findings in the next week or two so stick around!

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  1. Sean P. says:

    It’s great that you finally overcame the technical difficulties. I love how your research involves a topic that you’re both passionate about and wanting to learn. I would never associate research on the Gender Wage Gap to involve computer science. Interdisciplinary research as such intrigues me. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the next few weeks.

  2. mattr says:

    Excellent resource! Have you been able to posit any hypotheses about COVID’s effects on any particular groups : economic or otherwise. I’m very curious about that …

  3. EPittman says:

    Hi Mimi, I loved reading your blog post. Your work is really coming along! Thank you for including the graph in your post as well. I’m so impressed that you are teaching yourself a new statistical program.

    I keep running across interesting articles in the _New York Times_, _Washington Post_, _The Atlantic_ and coverage on _PBS Newshour_ about the disruption to women’s careers and job prospects caused by the pandemic. Recently I have also seen an uptick in coverage of the return of women to the workforce. An interesting new approach to this topic that reporters are taking concerns women advocating for continued telework or work-from-home situations to allow them to maintain flexibility. I wonder what the trade-off will be for women employees. If women advocate that they should be able to continue to work from home, will they have to forgo promotions, merit raises, advancement? Will women’s wages stagnate but happiness or satisfaction increase if they find access to more work-life balance?

    I am looking forward to your next post! Keep up your good work.

  4. Jacob J. says:

    Glad to see you ironed out your tech issues. Hopefully, the rest of your project will be smooth sailing from here on out.

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