Week 6: And the Adventure Continues…

Apr 21, 2021

Hi guys! I was back in the lab on Thursday and I continued to learn so many fascinating things. This week we spent most of the time on surgeries and post operative care. I was able to watch and assist two different types of surgeries in one day, so that was amazing.

The first surgery was about injecting a virus into the brain tissue. The reason this is done is because the virus turns specific proteins in the brain a fluorescent color, making it easier to analyze data results of the experiment. The surgery itself is not super interesting because it involves a lot of waiting around while the virus is injected at a very slow rate. Still, it was a cool experience learning about all the techniques that were utilized.

The second surgery was about inserting an IV tube into the rat, but I can’t explain what the purpose of this is since I’m not allowed to talk about the content of the research.

Next week we will begin the experiments with the rats that had IV tubes placed into them, so I’ll be back with updates!

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  1. Karan M. says:

    It’s really cool to hear about the experiments that you’ve been able to conduct! Can’t wait to hear more about it next week!

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