Week 7: Starting Research Paper + Internship News

Apr 25, 2021

Hello Everybody!

Unfortunately, there is not too much to share about my project this week. I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work. I’m currently gathering a lot of different sources so that I will be in great shape to start work on my research paper in the near future. This has been a rather tedious process which unfortunately contains very little to no exciting information for me to share with you guys. Instead of boring everyone with the details of my research paper, I’m going detail my internship. My internship at Nolij Consulting has exposed to the inner workings of the government. It is very common for the government to use it’s budget to contract different firms to complete a variety of services. This where firms such as Nolij Consulting comes into play. What Nolij does is they provide the government a secure platform to upload their records online so they can more accessible. There are other firms that Nolij Consulting has to compete for government work. This is called the “proposal writing” process, where each firm writes around 50-70 pages justifying the validity of their services and the money that the government will need to provide to the firm. You would think that the cheapest firm would win most of time, but this is rarely the case. The art of negotiation and a good sales pitch always wins out. Thanks for tuning in this week!

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