Week 8: More Research, Positivity

Apr 30, 2021

Hi guys! How’s everything going? Last week I ranted about many drawbacks and limitations about simulations, I got so negative because I complained about my programing process, which was not very easy. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many positives about these stingy programs, in fact, according to my research, in addition to their traditional application in the research field, there are a lot of pros of them in the field of education comparing to other methods. Here are some of my findings:

Simulations have many uses in different fields. One use is the application in teaching STEM courses, from middle school to college. Study shows students learn science knowledge more effectively with simulations (D’Angelo et al). Comparing to traditional lectures, simulations provide more vivid representation of concepts and therefore make students have a more positive attitude toward learning science (Lamb et al). That makes sense, as a high school student, I would rather visually see the concepts in a simulator rather than listening to my teacher lecturing us and drawing confusing graphs on the whiteboard. In addition, simulations enable students to do experiments that are usually not possible in classroom due to being too expansive, too dangerous, or require too much time. For example, high school students won’t be able to conduct field research on gathering genotype information of a particular specie living on the other side of the world, nor would they have time to gather data over multiple generations for that specie, but with genetic simulations, they could simply insert their desired inputs and understand how that species genetic information change or develop over time, all in one or two class periods.

That is some of the points I found when doing research this week, I am totally not cheating by using ideas from my final research paper ;). At the same time, I am wrapping up the coding internship and hopefully, fingers cross, finish up correcting the simulation codes and get an result to compare to empirical data in the next 2 weeks. Anyways, see you next week and stay positive, since I found out that somehow your mood will impact your research outcome and make them biased.

2 Replies to “Week 8: More Research, Positivity”

  1. Peter L. says:

    I totally relate to your difficulties in coding… I am experiencing some major obstacles while coding as well :(. I like your argument that simulations make students learn better – personally I prefer looking at them much more than reading a long passage about something! I’m excited for what other ideas you have in store for your presentation!

  2. Dora X. says:

    Coding can get really frustrating at times but I like how you’re staying positive and continuing to learn more. I look forward to what you do next week!

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