Week 7!

May 03, 2021

Hi everyone! This week I focused more on key challenges that have arisen in the past. These included political challenges, low environmental awareness, waste management, natural disasters, economics, risk management, exit plan, and many more. I believe that one of the major ways to deal with the challenges is by focusing on the governments in the SIDS. By implementing policies in place, it would create a much stronger structure to deal problems that may arise. Since the GEF is not a governing body, it cannot put the policies in place. Hopefully, instead it can inspire those governments to put those structures in place through outreach to citizens and joint efforts.

My plan is not comprehensive, and I hope to work on expanding it and dealing with the intricacies in my paper and with my on-site advisor. I hope to combine what the GEF has done in the past while faced with challenges and my idea to create a complete plan. Next week, I’m hoping to finish up my paper and powerpoint.

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