Week 8: The Beginning of the End…

May 03, 2021

Hello my lovely subscribers!

This is my week 8 blog, albeit a little late. This week will also be a relatively short entry – much of the past week was spent preparing for my final hurdle to the finish line. I have lined up my final talks over the next week or so and plan to start both my final paper and presentation soon. In terms of new content, there was not too much this week.

However, I had a very interesting conversation with a family member of mine during this week. While discussing my senior project, he brought up an intriguing point: he thinks that school systems, already chronically underfunded and underperforming on a nationwide scale, should take less responsibility for feeding food-insecure youth. While schools obviously have a responsibility to feed their students while at school, he believes that schools spending time and resources preparing both breakfast/dinners and weekend foods could be better spent teaching children. Alternatively, he believes that local food pantries and food banks should take more initiative and receive more funding to provide food for entire families. I’m not sure if I necessarily agree with these sentiments, but I definitely can appreciate where they come from – according to a study done by the Programme for International Student Assessment (run by the OECD, a global group of developed nations), the PISA “currently ranks the overall knowledge and skills of American 15-year-olds as 31st in the world in reading literacy, mathematics, and science”, putting us Americans at the bottom of the developed world’s educational aptitude. Juxtapose this information with the fact that the USA is #1 globally in terms of education spending per student (CBS News) – this shows quite obviously that American education is nowhere near as cost-effective as it could be. Below is an attached table where you can see just how far down the list the USA is in education (from the Pew Research Centre)

U.S. academic achievement lags that of many other countries | Pew Research  Center

U.S. academic achievement lags that of many other countries | Pew Research Center


Certainly, educational reform is needed. But does this reform have to be at the expense of food insecurity? Alas, that is a question for another senior project. However, I will be bringing this point up in an upcoming interview and will let you all know what my interviewee thinks.

Until then, take care everyone! Watch out for the cicadas >:)

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  1. Jeffrey G. says:

    I’m not prepared for the cicadas 🙁 Regardless, those are some striking statistics that truly show that education in the US needs to be reformed.

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