Week 8: Beginning of the End

May 04, 2021

Now that my art therapy experiment has concluded, I have been spending the week deciding what I want my end product to look like. Since each student from 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th grade wrote down a number 1-5 correlating to their mood before and after the activity, I will be able to analyze the overall trends of mood change. I hope to find that the data supports the effectiveness of art therapy.

After meeting with Ms. Fors and my senior project advisor, Dr. Hight, we discussed entering the data on Excel in order to do a regression analysis. The purpose of this is to discover if there is a correlation between the full or quarter mandala and their mood. This can also explain the changes between each grade level. The independent variable is the absolute difference between the before and after art activity value. The dependent variable predicts how major a difference the grade and full/quarter mandala has on mood.

I also took some time to look through all of the art work the students created. I must say, there were some that impressed me and left me thinking “wow, I never saw it that way”! For example, some students with the quarter mandala completed it to make it look like a face. One student in fourth grade continued the mandala as jellyfish! Some were reminded of pie charts, and another, the world. This itself is proof that the circular shape of the mandala cultivates creativity in many different ways.

2nd grader completes the mandala as the world (Reprinted with permission)

Overall I had a great time working with the students from different grade levels. This one particular student in 6th grade (art pictured below) started with a 4 on the survey (feeling frustrated, confused, and annoyed). After working on the mandala, her mood went down to a 2 (okay, fine). After the activity was over she told me she appreciated and was interested in my senior project since she has always felt that art improves her mood if she was ever feeling stressed!

Art work of 6th grader (Reprinted with permission)

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  1. Karan M. says:

    It’s really neat to see how you proved the impact of art on mood using first-hand examples. I can’t wait to see your final product. Awesome job Maria!

  2. Monali G. says:

    It’s really cool how art gives people an insight into others’ thoughts!

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