Week 8 and Week 9: Working on Final Project

May 07, 2021

Hello Everyone,

I’m late on my week 8 entry, so I will combine it with week 9 in this post. So far, I have finished the draft portion of my introduction for final project. In the introduction, I highlight the rising popularity of college to help strength a specific argument I have made during my project. The argument being that a there is a constant rise in college attendance due to societal values. Since the great depression era, a college education was seen as a way for many people to break the cycle of poverty. Elon Musk said something very humorous in an interview I watched: It was something along the lines of “A degree doesn’t make someone intelligent, I know idiots with college degrees.” Even though this wasn’t a main point of my research, the value that society places on a college degree has more intrinsic value than it does extrinsic value. Having a college degree gets you a job interview, but it doesn’t necessarily promise career success. Many colleges understand this nowadays and attempt to give students tangible experience through internships, research, and study abroad opportunities. I don’t think that it is unfair to say that the alumni network and out-of-classroom opportunities that universities provide are more important that the degree itself.

Thanks for tuning in,

Karan Mehta

2 Replies to “Week 8 and Week 9: Working on Final Project”

  1. Leo L. says:

    Hi Karan, it’s happy to see your progress. Good luck on writing rest of your paper!

  2. Jamal B. says:

    Karan, I’m interested in seeing your presentation soon! This will be all the more relevant to us now that we’ve all committed to a college.

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