Week 9!

May 10, 2021

Hi everyone! Welcome back! While working on my paper this week, I realized that making my plan would take a lot more data that I did not have access to. As a result, I’ve decided to focus more on how to deal with the challenges that have occurred in previous GEF studies instead of making a new plan.

For example, a challenge that is usually encountered is cooperation between the government and the GEF. The government does not want an outside agency to not only tell them what they are doing wrong, but also take control of certain aspects. As a result, the government can sometimes be resistant to help. This can cause the amount of time the project would normally take to be elongated and the amount of money spent to increase. However, this could all be prevented if the government and the GEF would work together.

In order for this to occur, the bigger picture needs to be seen. The studies and plans put in place will help the country for years to come, if and only if the government and the GEF work together. The idea that the environmental plans are bigger than that of bureaucracy needs to be put in place. I believe that once governments can fully understand that idea, then that problem will be overcome.

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  1. Sean P. says:

    Great work Sarika! I really love how you mentioned that environmental plans “are bigger than that of bureaucracy” and how that idea really needs to be set in stone amongst governments to overcome problems between the government and GEF.

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