Week Nine: Final Paper

May 10, 2021

This week I have been continuing the finalization of my senior project. I have drafted my paper and continued analysis on my data.

The set up for my paper is:

  • Title Page (name of my report, name, advisors, Senior Project)
  • Introduction (What interested me in this topic, how I chose it, why it is important)
  • Literature review (All the information I have collected on this topic and learned and researched)
  • Methods and Procedure Section
    • Participants (who they were, how I chose them)
    • Procedure (How I collected the data, what I did when I met with each class)
  • Data source/analysis: qualitative and quantitative
    • table of results
  • Results: Explaining what it means
  • Potential Implications (how would this information be useful?)
  • References
  • Appendix
    • scale and mandalas

I ran a regression analysis for the full and quarter mandala and did not see any differences between the effectiveness of the mandalas of two mandalas. I will run another regression analysis based on quantitative codes of similarities. See you next week!


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