Week 7: Meeting some new people

May 11, 2021

Hello everybody!

Currently, I’ve been working on the documentary: compiling all the documents I am to use and most importantly, doing interviews.

As I said previously, the minister of Shiloh Baptist Church introduced me to a few of her contacts and I am to speak with her on Thursday!

She is a key figure in my documentary as being a first-person account of her and her community’s history but also brings a personal aspect to the documentary.

Another key person is Ms. Hellman! All throughout my research at the Virginia Room, whichever document I saw, her name was always listed there. I practically stalked her!! I wanted to talk to her so badly about all her research and what she’s done for Odrick’s Corner. I actually called the Virginia Room where she previously worked and asked for her contact. They didn’t have her work email so I had to email her personal email, but fortunately she was delighted to speak with me. We had a Zoom call for almost an hour and talked nonstop. Her work has been incredible. Some of you may be familiar with this sort of process, but before you build any sort of house, office building, or complex, there is a historical society that comes in to observe and see whether that land has any historical significance. Ms. Hellman was part of that group and found that the land on which some houses and an elderly facility (the ones I mentioned earlier) had historical significance…. to Mr. Odrick!

It was so amazing to speak with someone who has so much influence and meaning to this project. She also gave me a few of her contacts that she knows would be great additions to my project. Hopefully I will be able to speak with them as well and gain their knowledge.

That’s all!

P.S. Obviously I am late to these posts because I have been working nonstop on the documentary. Please pretend as if these posts were on time :)))



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