Week 8 – Slight Change of Course

May 11, 2021

Hi again! Peter Li here. It’s astonishing how time passes this fast… I (and I assume a lot of us) have arrived at the final parts of my internship and project!

To be honest, this week saw less activity than the previous weeks because I had to participate in a series of chamber music rehearsals and performances. However, I did tweak my focus for the remainder of my project. I revisited my interview with Dr. Dannenberg (details posted in my previous blog) and research regarding copyright, and found myself to be stuck on finding good sources that can help answer my research question. After this and my weekly meeting with my faculty advisor Mr. Rivera, I decided to focus on who exactly will benefit from growing AI music technologies.

This is in a sense a continuation from my work from the previous weeks, which focused on the potential growth of AI music software and whether it will render musicians obsolete in the future. *Spoiler alert* Now I’m proud to say that I have a certain answer to this question: in the near future it will most likely coexist with musicians due to a variety of reasons and will benefit musicians in several ways. (I will probably summarize my findings in the final post and will definitely showcase them in my presentation!) *End of spoiler* 

Now back to the present. This week I put together the idea that not only does machine learning software benefit current/well-trained musicians, but a very important group that they will considerably affect is potential musicians; that is, people who are not yet but considering making music in some way. After noticing lots of apps such as Simply Piano/Guitar helping increase the amount of people getting to learn music and Dr. Dannenberg’s view on this impact, I would say that AI music is diminishing the barrier between non-musicians and music. To them the music world might be hard to enter previously, but with AI’s help this difficulty will decrease, which I think is a considerable benefit that makes the impact of music software positive.

As always, thanks for reading. To all of you taking AP exams this month GOOD LUCK! I have faith in you 🙂 Take care and see you in the next one!

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  1. Dora X. says:

    It’s totally understandable that some weeks are less productive than others, but I’m excited that you were able to specify the focus of your project and come up with an answer to your research question. I look forward to what you accomplish next week!

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