Week 10: Wrapping It Up

May 16, 2021

Hello Everyone!

As many of you guys know, my blog posts tend to be obnoxiously long. Luckily for those of you who are 🙄 , I’ll be keeping this week’s short and simple. As the Senior Project is slowly coming to an end, this blog will wrap everything up.

Over the past week, I’ve been focusing on three things:

  1. Developing my Final Presentation
  2. Putting together my Final Research Paper
  3. Researching the Retinoblastoma protein (pRB)

I can’t wait to share numbers 1 and 2 with you all next week! In terms of my research on pRB, it is the other tumor suppressor protein that I hope can be created using Recombinant DNA Technology. While p53 is the main focus of my Senior Project, there are a plethora of other tumor suppressor proteins out there. Therefore, I wanted to ensure my Senior Project covers more than just one tumor suppressor protein.

Regarding my pRB, it is a tumor suppressor protein that is dysfunctional in many human cancers. It plays a role in preventing an undeveloped/damaged cell from undergoing cell division within the cell cycle. With its loss of function in many human cancers, cell cycle progression is uncontrolled enabling cells to constantly divide. Statistics of pRB regarding Breast, Liver, and Prostate cancer are displayed below:

So with a brief overview of pRB and long summary of p53 over the last few weeks, I reiterate my research question: How can we utilize recombinant DNA technology to halt the ongoing cell division of cancerous cells? To find out my long answer to this question, stay tuned for my research paper and final presentation which I am putting the final touches to this week.

And knowing how sad you all are to see my blogs are coming to an end, I want to assure you that I will post one final blog saying my farewells next week. For now, everyone should stay tuned for my research that I will present at the Senior Project Showcase next Saturday! See you all there! 

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  1. Mimi Y. says:

    Your blogs were so interesting to read (despite being a little long haha), too bad it’s all coming to an end. Can’t wait to see your final product!

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