Week 10: Coming to an End

May 17, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog!

This week’s blog will be a quick reflection of my time at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I wanted to talk about my internship experience because my internship is officially over!

Working for the government was really eye-opening. Even though I was only there for a brief time, there were a lot of procedures that I had to go through in order to start and end my internship. My supervisor understood that it was all new to me and guided me through the process, but working from home definitely made it a little more difficult. As you all know, at the beginning of my internship I had a lot of technical difficulties. I think these problems could have been solved much more easily if I had worked in the physical office (another impact of COVID…).

I did learn a lot at my internship, especially through my advisor, Mr. Liu. Our weekly meetings really gave me an insight on what working at the government is like. He also guided me through my research and STATA, the program I was working on. Although I did not have enough time at the internship to put what I learned in STATA to real use, I learned a new skill that I believe will help me in my future research career in college. Working at the government did not directly relate to my own independent project, but I still learned a lot from this experience.

Today’s blog was a little short, but thanks for tuning in everyone! I can’t wait to share my findings with you all next week!

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  1. Adelia Z. says:

    Hi Mimi! I’m so happy to hear that the internship worked out well for you after the unlucky start you had with all of your computer and technical issues. I hadn’t considered how much this internship has taught me about what its like to work for the government. As you mention here, it has certainly been a more complicated experience administratively than any of the other volunteer/paid work that I have done before, which is understandable given the influence government organizations can have on policy making.

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