Week 10: The End of an Era

May 17, 2021

Wow! Wow! Wow! It is already the final week of the senior project. What a ride it has been!

My internship ended on Friday, so I didn’t have much to do this week. I spent much of this week working on my research paper and my final presentation. I also took some time to reflect on my project and its process. I took time to figure out what I could have done better, and how I could have improved my research process. One major hindrance that I faced throughout this journey was that there was a lack of data on some key topics that I was researching, and I needed to reframe my question in order to still research certain topics. I also realized that there is still no clarity in this field of research. For starters, there is not even a scale for concussions to determine how severe they are.

Overall I am really glad that I had this opportunity to combine two of my main interests: medicine and sports. I learned many valuable things from this experience which will be beneficial for the future. I am extremely thankful for the guidance of Mr. B throughout my senior project journey.

These ten weeks went by too soon! I grinded and I relaxed! But Saturday is coming up, so now it is game time! See you there folks, Saturday at 2 pm!


2 Replies to “Week 10: The End of an Era”

  1. Neel D. says:

    It’s been great to see the progress of your project over the past few weeks! It’s unfortunate that there wasn’t much data out there for you to interpret, but you were still able to see that it’s really based on the psychology of the players. It seemed like you had a great time at your internship and I look forward to seeing your presentation on Saturday!

  2. Adelia Z. says:

    Hi Milan. It has been so interesting to learn about all of the new ideas in American football of how to prevent concussions and to see the parallels with soccer, which is also trying to reduce the number of concussions. It sounds like in American football the focus has been on bettering equipment and changing playing techniques, while in soccer they are implementing new substitution rules and age restrictions for using your head. It’s fascinating to see how two sports with such a similar problem could go about handling it so differently.

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