Week 10: Final Presentation Preparation and Internship Reflection

May 18, 2021

Hello again!

Unfortunately, I don’t have very much to report this week as I prepare for my final senior project presentation on May 22nd and make the last few edits to my paper. My internship finished up this last Friday after I gave a presentation on my internship findings to some of the other members of the Office of Research (OR) at the Bureau. Everyone was very welcoming and the presentation went smoothly. My advisors were also kind enough to give me some fantastic recommendations for economics books to read over the summer. If anyone else has any good econ or psych book recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Having now had the time reflect over my internship experiences, I would like to once again thank all three of my Bureau advisors, as well as Dr. Hight, my faculty advisor. Similar to Mimi, the start of my internship came with a lot of technical issues. I did not know how to use the Bureau’s server or Stata, and my internship advisors were kind enough to answer every single one of my questions while still allowing me to learn and explore on my own. By allowing me to present my findings to some members of the department, they also gave me the opportunity to practice my communication skills. My Bureau independent project advisor was equally helpful in assisting me with my project, always willing to provide alternative viewpoints to the arguments I made in my paper, providing it with a sense of completeness. Through my time with the Bureau, I not only learned a new computer program, but also developed as a communicator, independent thinker, and team player.

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  1. Ria K. says:

    I am glad that you had a positive internship experience. I am excited to see your presentation this weekend!

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