Week 10: The End of the Journey

May 21, 2021

Hi everyone, welcome to my final blog post! This week I have spent the time wrapping up the research I was doing both at home and at the lab. In last week’s post I mentioned something about a devalue day. It was such a long process but as I look through the data from the experiment, I realize that it was such an amazing experience.

Let me start off by explaining what a devalue day entails. The rats are sorted randomly into 2 groups. One group receives typical rat food and the other group receives food pellets. You give the rat a set amount of time to eat so it can satiated and then you inject the drug and place them in the behavior box. From morning to afternoon you run experiments non-stop because you can only run 2 rats at a time and all the parts need to be completed within a certain time frame. 

This devalue day marked the conclusion of the project that we were working on, and I will be taking the rest of the time to go over our data and make graphs to analyze the results. I’m excited to share my findings at the senior showcase and I look forward to hearing about everyone else’s! Thank you guys for following along!

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