Final Project

May 25, 2021

Hi everyone, please see my final documentary!

This was challenging on many levels.  It was multimedia (story-telling, script writing, video and sound editing, interviewing, costume design, makeup, lighting, etc., etc.) and multi-disciplinary (historical research, primary sourcing, study of court and county records, zoning and planning, American civil rights history, etc., etc.).  I had to learn many things on the fly which obviously shows in the quality of the video and narrative.  But as much as it was challenging, it was also the most satisfying use of all the resources I could muster, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As I say at the end of the documentary, this is a story I will definitely continue because it is also the most personal story I’ve ever told of someone I never met and yet was “technically” with me nearly all of my 18 years on this earth.  To that end, I would like to ask you to forward or suggest anyone you know who would want to help me continue this project and can bring not only passion but specific skills that I need to collaborate on a final project which I would like to subject to film festivals.  These skills include:  script writing and editing, video editing, sound editing, Ken Burnsesque skills in using historical documents and pictures for zoom in and out shots, beginning and end crawl credits editing, film festival research, grant research for documentaries, etc., copyrights research (how to get permission for using songs, videos that are copyrighted, etc.) and just generally anyone who has a keen interest in civil rights issues and in history that impacts on each of us.

If you enjoyed the documentary and wish to help even if you don’t have anything to offer but enthusiasm, please email/call me directly at:  anniewoo123@gmail.com; 571-581-5862.  Thank you!




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