Week 3

Mar 29, 2022

This week I finally had my meeting with Amy to discuss my part of the contrail catcher project. For this project, it will be mostly us two working on this project. I asked any questions that I had regarding the project and my responsibilities and made sure that I understood what I was to be doing, which I had outlined in the outline of the project that I had previously sent her. My responsibilities include mostly the hardware side of the contrail catcher project. This includes taking photos of contrails in 15-minute intervals, gathering flight data (altitude, speed) as well as atmospheric data that is available online. I will then store this data in an excel sheet. Amy’s goal is to provide a more detailed analysis of the contrails, she has prior experience with Hyperspectral Image Analysis. I will assist her by providing the pictures and data to help make her analysis process much easier.

After the meeting, I started to set up my excel document organizing it so that all the information was easily findable. I started to manually take pictures of contrails using my smartphone camera. During the meeting, we discussed that I would automate the photograph part of the process so that is something that I will be working on, however until I manage to acquire the cameras manually gathered photos will do the job just fine. Ultimately the goal is to have the camera take pictures automatically. I will need to discuss the automation part with Dr. Sherry as I will need a camera and sensor for me to set that up, I will most likely bring it up in next week’s meeting. For now, that’s pretty much it, see you guys next week.

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