Week 5

Apr 19, 2022

Hello there, after returning from my spring break I took off right where I left off, collecting data. All of the previous issues that I had gone through meant that I could now collect contrail data without any issues, and this week was spent collecting a lot of it. Whenever the weather allowed me to be outside, I was taking pictures of the contrails that passed over our house. It was quite a peaceful activity in all reality as I got to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the spring air. I took my pictures, uploaded them to a shared google drive folder, and recorded the data that was available from the aviation weather center, and additional data from flight radar 24 such as altitude and aircraft type. During my observations, I definitely observed a lot of variance in when contrails formed and when they didn’t. I distinctly remember one afternoon when pretty much every aircraft that flew at or around 34000ft produced a contrail that stayed in the air and did not disappear whereas aircraft that flew higher did not produce contrails. Unfortunately, I did not have my meeting with the graduate student as she was on spring break.

Not very much of an eventful week, but that just makes me excited for the next week to see if something changes.

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  1. Sophie P. says:

    Hello Kaan! This sounds like a very fun and relaxing activity to do. It is nice to do research in a subject that matches your interests while also just being enjoyable. What is your process for taking photos? Do you just try to get every plane or choose certain ones?

  2. Jason L. says:

    It sounds great that your work was enjoyable and relaxing. I’m curious how common it was to see contrails above your house (like your locations relative to flight paths) and how visible and noticeable they were?

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