Week 7

May 07, 2022

Something interesting actually happened this week woohoo! The week started off like any other week at this point, waking up, eating my breakfast, and going out on my backyard deck to watch airplanes and their beautiful contrails fly over. But everything changed this Wednesday when Amy told me that I had to prepare and end of semester update/presentation for the members of CATSR. This presentation is to take place a week from now. For this presentation, I had to basically summarise everything that I had done up until that point. This included my entire process for data collection as well as my photograph format. It also had to include background on the project, potential issues with the data I gathered, and what I would be looking to do in the future. Luckily during my Capstone Physics class this year Dr. Grove thought us about the art of preparing and giving presentations. I knew that my presentation had to take place of mostly me talking with only bullet points on the slide. After my meeting with Amy, I set out to create an outline of what my presentation would look like. I would start off by giving a brief background on myself, then I would give a rundown of what I’ve been doing and its significance of it. I would then explain how I’ve gathered my data, mostly from flight radar 24 and the aviation weather service while providing an explanation on how to understand the data. Then I would move on to the photographs I’ve collected; I would explain how I’ve taken photos using my Samsung galaxy note 9 through a 2x 4x and 10x zoom, etc. Finally, I would end the presentation with a quick walkthrough of the entire process from start to finish. Over the next week, I hope to finish my presentation while continuing my contrail-catching endeavors. I hope to write about how well my presentation goes and see you next week.

2 Replies to “Week 7”

  1. Rodrigo G. says:

    Woohoo Kaan!

    Your life skills taught by Dr. Grove are coming in clutch right now! I am sure that this presentation will turn out to be amazing as it details all of the interesting images that you took of the contrails.

    Amazing to hear that your presentation is being created!

    – Rodrigo

  2. Annica D. says:

    Hey Kaan! I’m glad that you got to do something you found interesting. Are you going to use any of the information from your internship presentation in your senior project presentation?

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