Week 8

May 12, 2022

Hello there. Unfortunately, this week was hampered by poor weather, so I could not really go outside to do contrail data gathering. Due to the weather, most of the early part of this week was spent working on my presentation that would be given to CATSR (Center for Air Transportation Systems Research). I had already outlined what I was to present in my presentation last week so all I had to do was to prepare it. I took screenshots of my data and the sources I used to prepare a visually enticing presentation. After I had finished my draft I had a dry run with Amy where I did a mock presentation. Overall the mock went well, she had a few pointers mostly to do with wording and general formatting. Once those were sorted out I was ready for the big presentation on Thursday. There weren’t a lot of people there, only about 10 including me Amy, and Dr. Sherry. My presentation went splendidly, and the Q&A at the end of the presentation also went great. I even got some pointers from some of the people there; one person suggested a website called windy.com to look at weather data, so from now on ill be looking at both that website and the Aviation Weather Center. After the presentation, Dr. Sherry held me and Amy back in order to talk about our future goals for the Contrail Catcher project. Dr. Sherry wanted me to look at the data I had gathered more analytically, this meant that I was to plot the data my relative humidity data to contrail duration. He also asked me to calculate what percentage of airspace is covered by contrails at the altitude it is at the plane has been flying. He also wanted me to prepare a final report of sorts for me to complete at the end of my internship which would outline all of my findings during my internship. That’s all for this week, hope to update you soon!

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  1. Annica D. says:

    Hey Kaan! Does the weather affect contrails?

  2. Jason L. says:

    Sounds like your presentation was a success! Do you intend to use some of the stuff mentioned in your senior project presentation?

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