Investigating Freeway Riots In DC – Introductory Blog Post

Mar 06, 2023

What’s up, ladies, gentlemen, people, extraterrestrial aliens, and everything in between? Today, I will be starting my blog for my senior project.

This blog will serve as a log for all the things I will be doing for the senior project. I will be interning with the esteemed Dr. Zeller at the University of Maryland.

America has the greatest freeway system in the world. Most of these freeways were built during Eisenhower’s administration as part of the revolutionary Interstate Highway Act. However, what most people don’t know is just how much controversy came with the freeways, the fights against them, and the decades before and after the Interstate Highway Act.

In New York, why is Brooklyn economically behind Manhattan? Well, it’s partly because of a long history of poor and racist freeway and infrastructure plans by the infamous Robert Moses. What was the Three Sisters Bridge in D.C.?

As someone interested in history, I find this topic fascinating. So if you’re into history, get ready for some things.

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