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Sports & Athletics at BASIS Independent McLean

Sports are an important part of the community at BASIS Independent McLean and allow students to grow the ever-important skills of working on a team and of confronting the ups and downs of competition with grace and humility. We match our hard work in the classroom with what we do in the field and on the court.

Even in our first year as a school community, sports rose to the top when it comes to student interests and our dedicated Auxiliary Programs department quickly launched an inter-scholastic competitive practice where our Red-Tailed Hawks tested their skills against local Northern Virginia Independent Schools.

Our teams typically practice twice a week and follow a game schedule established by our Auxiliary Programs department and the team coach. As our school community grows, we look forward to increasing our competitive, inter-scholastic sports offerings and the accomplishments of our teams (in their first year, our Middle School Girls Basketball Team won the Independent Small School Athletic Conference Championship)!

Below is a list of Sports & Athletics activities and teams we have offered or plan to offer for the 2017-18 school year:

Fall Offerings


  • Volleyball (varsity girls in grade 8+)
  • Soccer (middle school boys, middle school girls)
  • Flag-football (co-ed grades 59)


  • Lacrosse (boys grades 6+)
  • Tennis (co-ed middle school and varsity)
  • Fencing (co-ed grades 5–7)
  • Martial Arts (PreKgrade 4)

Winter Offerings



  • Middle school boys grades 7-8
  • Middle school girls grades 7-8
  • Varsity boys grades 9+
  • Varsity girls grade 9+


  •  Co-ed grades 9+


Spring Offerings


  • Lacrosse (boys grades 9+)
  • Tennis (co-ed middle school and varsity)
  • Cross Country (grades and team configurations to be determined)
  • Fencing (grades K4)