A globally benchmarked academic program proven to be one of the best in the world. A purpose-built campus to maximize the student experience. Teachers who do everything in their power to inspire and support. Unparalleled student outcomes. Discover the benefits of a BASIS Independent McLean education.
  • Students thrive because of the globally benchmarked, nationally ranked BASIS Curriculum and the expert teachers leading them towards success.

    • Our curriculum is a unique blend of liberal arts and sciences that exposes students to content and rigor not traditionally found in U.S. schools. Our teachers are experts in their discipline and use their passion to inspire and engage.
    • Rather than a sole focus on memorization, we emphasize the application of knowledge through critical thinking and problem-solving. From the Connections course in the Primary Program to Senior Projects in high school, students learn to question, analyze, and seek their own answers in a variety of different settings.
    • In middle school, students take three sciences—biology, chemistry, and physics—simultaneously, giving them a stronger, interdisciplinary foundation for their high school science and math classes and a more connected view of the world.
    • Because our high school program is focused on college preparation, we require all students take AP courses and exams, which are critical in evaluating and commending student performance on a national and international scale.
  • In our program, students grow to become participants, not spectators, in their education, in their school, and in the larger community. We provide the tools necessary for them to take charge of their learning and demonstrate leadership in and out of the classroom.

    Core to our philosophy is the development of student autonomy, which instills the resilience needed to adapt to new challenges. We ensure students feel a sense of responsibility for their learning through use of an individual Communication Journal (CJ) that students take to each class and home each day.

    Academics are important here, but it’s more than that. Our Honor Code and our “Show Take Make” values seek to instill character and caring into our students, so they become well-rounded, responsible citizens of the world.Our academic philosophy and our culture develop strong leaders in our school, in the region, in the state, and in the country.

    As a school still in its early years, student leaders are essential in developing our diverse and welcoming school culture and community, and all members of our student body are actively engaged in establishing the traditions that will remain with us in the years to come.

  • Through engaging expert teachers, students learn by participating in thematic lessons and activities.

    Subject expertise is at the forefront of all our classrooms. BASIS Independent teachers are the reason our students learn and excel at an accelerated rate. Their passion for and expertise in their subject inspires students to connect with the coursework being taught and to feel comfortable taking risks.

    In grades 1–4, students benefit from both a Subject Expert Teacher and a Learning Expert Teacher, who work to curate a student’s academic and non-academic experience in school. PreK and kindergarten students also have two teachers in the classroom at all times.

    Our teachers are deeply invested in student success, and inspire them to embrace challenges and apply learned concepts to real-world experiences.

  • BASIS Curriculum Schools graduates are not only admitted to the world’s top colleges and universities, they are prepared to excel in life after high school.

    Senior year is a unique bridge year focused on equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in college. Upon entering senior year, most students will have already taken at least 7 Advanced Placement (AP)® college-level courses and 6 exams. Students have completed all formal class graduation requirements at the end of junior year, and dedicate the year to preparing for college through Capstone Courses, the Senior Project, and a daily college counseling course.

    It is no wonder that BASIS Curriculum alumni graduate from some of the most competitive and highly ranked colleges and universities in the world.