• Project Title: A Timeline of Medical Technologies

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Nancy Fisher

  • Internship Location: UMD Baltimore Campus

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Adam Puche

The way we teach the next generation of physicians defines the quality of healthcare for that era. As new technologies and inventions become wildly available, the field of medicine has adapted with them to aid in its education.As an aspiring doctor, I’m keenly interested in how medicine is taught. I wanted to make a timeline of the history of medical education and its correlation to emerging technologies to get a better understanding of modern medicine.
For my internship, I worked with Professor Adam Puche to transfer over online teaching materials from a flash based program to a more sustainable HTML 5 based program. While in the beginning the intention of the internship was to get a better understanding of real world university research, this new project inspired me to go down this path for my independent research. The COVID-19 pandemic was also another factor in deciding this topic. Due to the disease, school and jobs have moved to a more internet friendly format which got me curious about the nature of education and technology.