• Project Title: Analyzing the Effectiveness of GIS Mapping and Google Earth

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Gleich

  • Internship Location: International Food Policy Research Institute

  • Onsite Mentor: Zhe Guo

The need for reliable satellite imagery from programs such as Google Earth Engine (GEE) is becoming increasingly crucial in the field of agriculture. Instead of relying on researcher data found from field observations, GEE utilizes infrared and near-infrared lighting to estimate crop growth and diversity, allowing for predictions to be made regarding the effects of drought on crop yield. Because the data is then used to influence policy decisions that affect millions of people, the data must be gathered as efficiently as possible to preserve the accuracy of studies. At the International Food Policy Research Institute, I will work with data gathered by researchers to compare its efficiency and accuracy with the data gathered through satellites. With further backing towards the authenticity of satellite imagery in agricultural fields, data may be collected more efficiently without fear of inaccuracy.