• Project Title: BLM: A Look to the Past to Understand the Future

  • BASIS Advisor: John Hight

  • Internship Location: The Lindsey Group

  • Onsite Mentor: Larry Lindsey

In the past few years, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained enough momentum and worldwide support to establish valuable and visible change. Besides a mission to end police brutality, BLM aims to improve the overall quality of life for people of color and tackles issues such as income inequality and deficiencies in education for people of color. Because such important issues are discussed, it is significant to research and understand the possible future impacts of the movement. The Lindsey Group, my internship site, uses decision analysis, a method that involves economics, political science, history, and social psychology to understand how leaders will respond to certain circumstances. Using the techniques I learn there, we can compare the BLM movement to the Black Panthers Party, a similarly goal-oriented racial justice group. Though there are a variety of differences between the two groups, the mistakes made by the past party can inform the current movement on how to move forward. This research may predict a future that will never happen, but it can foresee issues that could change the BLM movement for the better.