• Project Title: Breathe In, Breathe out: Relationship between Indoor Air Qualityand Student Health and Performance

  • BASIS Advisor: Carrie May

Indoor air quality in schools has been studied for decades. My research project will build on this research to answer the question of if indoor air quality affects student health and academic performance, y. This question has become even more important with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the nature of its transmission. By analyzing the indoor air quality reports of various Virginian counties over the past decade and comparing them to school absences, I can deduce if there is a correlation between the two. Then I will create a similar correlation graph between absences and academic performance in each year, which inform my conclusion on whether indoor air quality affects student performance. I hope to find a correlation between the two so that I am able to analyze whether past solutions are working and what future solutions are needed to to fix the issue if there is one present.