• Project Title: Precedent in Government Contracts and How They Affect Contracts In Newer Technological Fields

  • BASIS Advisor: Aaron Glanzer

  • Internship Location: Artisan Analytix

  • Onsite Mentor: Alex Williams

Government contracts, or “assistance listings,” are programs where the federal government can provide assistance to the American public through public works, service, and projects in a wide range of areas, such as health care, education, research, infrastructure, and more. These are taken on by a variety of companies, and they make decisions regarding which contracts to pursue based on data provided by consultants. These consultants have to identify trends and make predictions about future contracts for independent contractors and organizations. However, while most types of trends in contracts are well documented, contracts in newer technological fields, such as cybersecurity, don't have well established patterns. This is problematic because these contracts can often be of very high value to both the government and contractors, and it falls on consultants to provide the data. One of these consultants, Artisan Analytix, has generously offered me an internship to assist them in compiling contract data under their mentorship. . The objective of this process is to have a full collection of trends and properties in recent government contracts accompanied by a full analysis of the resulting implications on cybersecurity contracts. While I intend to focus on technological areas specifically, I will also connect them to a wider array of government contracts and analyze what makes them unique compared to the past few decades of precedent.