• Project Title: Freeway Revolts in Washington D.C.

  • BASIS Advisor: John Hight

  • Internship Location: University of Maryland

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Thomas Zeller

The American freeway system is one of the best and most used in the world. However, very few know the fraught history of how these freeways were built. During their construction, there were many revolts and protests against the construction of these roads. But why would that be the case? Why was there so much protest against something that should be a universal good? This internship will be focused answering that question. I will be able to see why there was so many protests against these projects, especially in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. By reading old newspapers from the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, I can see the stories from the other point of view and understand why these freeways had so much backlash to them. The goal of the American freeway system is to help and make life easier for everyone, and I will see how this wasn’t always the case.