• Project Title: The Quantification of Music: From the File Cabinet to the Cloud

  • BASIS Advisor: David Calhoun

  • Internship Location: George Mason University School of Music

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Lapple

Music is a vast subject with many different styles, genres, and even sub-genres that are widely available for people to access online and in print. Over time, musicians gather pages and books of sheet music throughout their career. Some of this music gets lost and they have to reorder the same thing again or spend copious amounts of time trying to find the original document. Through George Mason’s Music Department, I organize Dr. Jennifer Lapple’s vast amount of music and digitize the music into an online catalogue to help her direct her students to the correct music. While organizing the music, I am learning how to program using R by completing online courses on DataCamp and reading books about R for reference. My final product is a catalogue program, where users can filter and search up specific pieces depending on the title, composer, or instrumentation. After that is done, some extra goals are to add other features such as audio clips and other components to help find other sources.