• Project Title: Editorials, Diction, Syntax, and More: How the News Media Influences the Consumer’s Opinion

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Pittman

  • Internship Location: Soliel, LLC

  • Onsite Mentor: Lei Yao

Our world is filled with external forces that influence our minds. For many, the news media is where we consume information that keeps us up to date with current events. However, news media possesses an intrinsic bias or narrative we as readers must parse through. An example is the difference between editorials and traditionally “objective” articles. As readers, does the consumption of polarizing takes on an issue change our perspective without even realizing it? And even for “objective” articles, can the diction and syntax of the writer change our takeaway from a story? My research analyzes the varying facets to journalism that influence a consumer’s mindset. As I conduct my research for this project, I will be interning at Soliel LLC, a government contracted business, where I will be working on technical writing, whitepaper development, and marketing research. In a business lens, I will observe how the choice in style of writing will influence the end result, similar to that of a reader of news media. My research will underscore the impact of journalistic preferences which translates into altering the final takeaway of a news reader’s opinion.