• Project Title: Synthesizing Materials Experimentally for Biosensing Applications

  • BASIS Advisor: Ryan Grove

  • Internship Location: George Mason University

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Pilgyu Kang

A new field in engineering to produce better medical equipment is the investigation of biosensors. Biosensors are devices that are able to detect and observe a chemical reaction. These chemical reactions then allow us to interpret the temperature, pH, cholesterol, or similar properties depending on its construction and intended purpose. Biosensors are being commercialized for medical purposes, but research is seeking to find more efficient materials for their construction. The transducer in the biosensor is responsible for interpreting chemical signals, and researchers are testing different materials to determine a material that is both effective in amplifying signals, but also low-cost for manufacturing purposes. At a lab at George Mason University, we will experimentally create and test transducers using different materials to further our investigation for optimal biosensors. In conducting this research, we hope to advance and improve future medical experiences.