• Project Title: The Usage and Optimization of Shared Spectrum

  • BASIS Advisor: Aaron Glanzer

  • Internship Location: Federated Wireless

  • Onsite Mentor: Anthony Abron

Shared spectrum is the collection of frequencies that were previously reserved for the military. Today, shared spectrum is being used to alleviate bandwidth congestion, improve network speeds, and increase internet access. This project aims to understand how shared spectrum is currently being used and how this usage could be improved to better aid underprivileged communities. My project will be done remotely with Federated Wireless, a shared spectrum innovator. My project will consist of creating a simulated environment using Python, Unix, and Secure Shell that will allow companies to have a visual understanding of the impact of shared spectrum. Furthermore, companies will be able to observe in real time how the impact of shared spectrum changes as variables are altered. By completing this project, I hope to allow companies, such as Internet Service Providers, to improve internet access in underserved communities and, thus, decrease the digital divide.