• Project Title: Coding ML Algorithms to Highlight Major Real World Issues

  • BASIS Advisor: Matt Ramsby

  • Internship Location: Plus3 IT Systems

  • Onsite Mentor: Kevin Hulsing

Machine learning is a branch of AI that uses patterns and references to categorize data by itself. This project will dive into a problem that plagues machine learning programs: bias. Specifically, algorithmic bias, which is a case where the bias comes from the machine itself, rather than the reference data set or the programing. Algorithmic bias is extremely hard to get rid of in a machine learning program and can cause havoc in peoples' lives if it exists within certain programs, such as job searching or targeted ads. This project will result in a literary review on the problems of algorithmic bias along with cases in the past involving algorithmic bias in the real world and the problems it caused. To help in this project I will be working with Kevin Hulsing from Plus3 IT Systems. Our goal is to induce algorithmic bias in a machine learning algorithm in order to further the knowledge of algorithmic bias in scientific community.