• Project Title: Global Warming Mitigation by Aircraft Induced Clouds (aka Contrails) Reduction

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Grove

  • Internship Location: Center for Air Transportation Systems Research

  • Onsite Mentor: Lance Sherry

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems that face our society today. Transportation is a significant contributor to climate change as 28% of greenhouse emissions in the United State, with civilian aircraft contributing a sizable portion of emissions. Civilian aircraft currently emit around 2% of CO2 that is released through our everyday activities. However, this ignores the effect that aircraft-induced clouds, aka contrails, have on warming. Contrail formation blocks the light that is reflected off the ground, heating the area underneath the cloud. When you include the impact that contrails have as well, that percentage goes up to 5% of the warming caused by aircraft. Such a great increase in percentage should not go unnoticed as they have a significant impact on warming. Finding ways to reduce contrail formation would have a positive impact in reducing its impact on climate change. My senior project is aimed at finding ways to reduce the impact that contrails have on climate change, evaluate the methods for their practicality and effectiveness.