• Project Title: The Changing Geopolitical Purpose for Chinese Investment in Africa

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. John Hight

  • Internship Location: William & Mary's Global Research Institute

  • Onsite Mentor: Professor Michael Tierney

Over the past two decades, China has pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into the African continent. These investments take many shapes and forms, ranging from infrastructure projects to loans. The aid that China has provided has bought it political capital and economic prosperity within Africa. However, this is all at risk of falling apart due to the arrival of COVID 19. This paper will analyze the potential effect of COVID 19 on Chinese investment and aid in Africa. Since COVID 19 is relatively new, there are very few reports of how the investments are currently being affected. As a result, this paper will review the impact that SARS, a coronavirus from earlier in the 21st century, had on Chinese investment in Africa. This comparative data will be used to make a prediction on how COVID 19 will impact modern-day investment.