• Project Title: Development and Implementation of New Computer Processing Methods to Extract Sound from Images of Historical Grooved Audio Medias

  • BASIS Advisor: Ryan Grove

  • Internship Location: Library of Congress

  • Onsite Mentor: Peter Alyea

In this paper, a method that incorporates knowledge from various fields, including mathematics, computer science, and music theory is introduced to extract and process sound from images of historic grooved audio media. The methods fully utilize the features and characters of the programming languages, such as C\#, and the advantages of the coding paradigms and data structures they bring. Significance of the music media will be reviewed, the programming languages along with the imaging techniques will be explored in depth, and the improvements of techniques would be shown. The research done in this paper will be conducted at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C, with a project that focuses on restoring historic music from recordings and preserve them. While introducing the domain knowledge, certain knowledge in high school courses in Basis Independent McLean will be referred.