• Project Title: A Color-Filled History

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Ryan Grove

  • Internship Location: Library of Congress-Preservation Research & Testing Division

  • Onsite Mentor: Jamie Shetzline

Colored pigments are the base of most artistic materials. This makes them a significant piece in art conservation and restoration when trying to protect, fix, authenticate, date, or understand different pieces of art. In order to gain a better understanding of the materials in question, the Library of Congress has started an effort to describe and map the creation, sale, and use of different pigments over time. This project will attempt to complete one piece of this endeavor: the color yellow. It will focus on collecting data on a number of the pigments’ attributes, including physical and chemical characteristics, use, origin, and movement from historical accounts, reports, and scientific experiments. It will ultimately be compiled into a report and accompanying visuals that will provide a better understanding of the pigments and their history, and act as a guide for future studies.