• Project Title: Conquering Conflict: Understanding successes and Failures in International Conflict Resolution

  • BASIS Advisor: John Hight

  • Internship Location: Setty & Associates Ltd

Do NGOs actually help those in conflict-affected areas? What motivates countries to fight - and to end fighting - in other states? And most importantly, does conflict resolution work? These are all questions I will be examining as I undertake conflict case studies from around the world. In my research, I will review both primary sources and secondary schools of thought about conflict resolution in states such as Afghanistan and Egypt. I will analyze and compare each conflict-resolution method’s effectiveness, incorporating cultural, social, and political variables. I will then apply my findings to constructing a model of the most effective conflict resolution strategies that could be applied to the current Russo-Ukrainian conflict. With my research, I hope to raise awareness about conflict’s destructive potential and the effectiveness of various conflict resolution strategies. Conflict has immense destructive potential: it actively destroys academic institutions, research, and knowledge; it devastates necessary infrastructure; and most importantly, it results in death and suffering. Learning how to effectively mitigate conflict can help save lives, preserve institutions, and assist in the rebuilding process of damaged states. In addition to my independent research, I will be performing policy analysis research about the recent changes to the 179D Energy Efficiency Tax Credit Law in my internship position. Both aspects of my senior project will help me view the real-world applications of public policy and understand how I can best influence my communities.