• Project Title: How will COVID-19 Affect the Gender Wage Gap?

  • BASIS Advisor: Erin Vander Wall and Elizabeth Pittman

  • Internship Location: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • Onsite Mentor: Feng Liu

In the past few years, the gender wage gap has been narrowing progressively. However, the pandemic interfered with this progress towards gender equality. Not only did it interrupt the improvement that has been made, but it also prompted many women to leave the workforce. As many child care centers closed due to COVID-19, mothers left their jobs or took more disposable jobs, which have a more flexible schedule but also a lower wage, in order to take care of their children. At the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I am hoping that I can collect data which will reflect how the gender wage gap has changed over the course of the pandemic. In addition, I will be using various online resources to conduct independent research as a supplement to my on site research. By analyzing the data, I hope I can identify trends, show how each group of women were affected by the pandemic, and pinpoint the causes of disparity if there are any. It is important to recognize the flaws in our society in order to contribute to solutions for these problems, which include gender inequality. Gender inequality has been a persistent problem throughout history and it is about time to end it.