• Project Title: Hype: Living up to Expectations

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Gleich

Social Media, is a place where people can share information, show off their belongings, and have conversations. Social media over the past decade has become a powerful tool for everyone. It has dramatically changed the way the world is connected. Many companies have gravitated towards social media as a valuable platform in which the consumer and the producer can engage with each other. Social Media Marketing has proved to be the cheapest way to reach different groups and audiences across the world. Nike has one of the most developed social media advertising platforms. Sneakers, on the other hand, is a product heavily influenced by hype, as sneakers are a product that is popular in the resell market, where products usually go for double their price on StockX and other popular reselling websites. In my project, I plan to track down one of Nike's most social media-influenced products, sneakers. Gathering data through likes, follows, and other social media style statistics, I plan to find out how social media affects a product’s values and sales, and if it is hyping them up?"